We continue to have limitations on church attendance as mandated by the State of Illinois and CDC guidelines.  As of now, masks are required when attending church and those who belong to vulnerable groups are encouraged to stay home.  Sunday services are streamed on our Parish YouTube channel:

¨ Please visit the sign-up link to reserve your spots for services:

¨ Take the time to assist family members who are not familiar with the reservation platform. You can also call the church office during office hours to make your reservation.  Please do not call/text Fr. Tilemahos or Parish Council members for reservations.  Also note that scheduled services, availability and reservations may be adjusted at any time. 

¨ Please note that we have made the community center available for the faithful to watch the streamed service and then receive Holy Communion and Antidoron. If you sign up for attending the streamed service you will enter through the east entrance of the community center. Safety protocols will be observed at all times.

¨ Please note that we also have Liturgy every Saturday, 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. It is a great option for all the faithful now that our schedules are starting to get busier or for when Sunday services are filled.

¨ Furthermore, families that wish to celebrate memorials are encouraged to hold them on the Saturday Liturgies. Not only is it more appropriate to hold memorial services on Saturdays which is the day of the week dedicated to the departed, but it also allows more of our faithful to sign-up for the limited spots on Sunday worship. If you are holding a memorial on a Sunday, please notify the church office at least two weeks prior in order to accommodate your guests.

¨ If you sign-up for a Sunday service and it turns out that you are not able to come, please delete your reservation as soon as possible so that others may take your spot. Please be mindful to come to all the services that you reserve.

¨ I wish to thank our chanters Angelo and Alexia, our Parish Council members, and our church custodians for giving the additional time and effort needed to hold all our services.

¨ I also wish to commend you for your attendance in all our worship services and for your fervor, patience, and understanding during these difficult times.